Social Engineering – Starting with the Flicks

When I thought of resuming writing the first chord that hit me was Social Engineering. I know there are biggies who are constantly writing a post or two on this most powerful weapon but every person has his/her special gimmicks. Nope I am not gonna share those in the first post itself, let the wait be worth.

I would like to start with the flicks which amazingly portrayed Social Engineering Tantrums. The whole point behind giving a movie list in the beginning is simple – just to cast a spell of this amazing “Art of Deception”. Watch them in any order but my favorites go like this.

Although Take Down is just one side of the coin but its a good flick, however if you really want to know what happened in the entire operation, go and read The Art of Deception by none other than the man himself Kevin Mitnick.

A shorter version on what part I liked the most in these movies will be forthcoming in the update of this post.

Till then, Viva La Security & have a Security Perspective !!

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