Corporate Security: An Achilles heel with no panacea.

With the growth of IT Sector the challenges for organizations have increased as well. Long gone are the days when let alone the small scale IT companies even Mid sized company’s Information Security used to be handled by technical management(IT Director etc.). If today any organization wishes to cope up with the pace of Security Hackers and deliver secure products hiring of Security Professionals has become a must.

In order to build a secure organizational architecture various processes and norms are deployed such as policy implementations, Compliance Audits, Periodical Penetration testings, code security processes and much more.

In this series we’ll see what all are the challenges that are/could be faced by organizations and how they could be tackled including prevention, mitigation techniques along with the aforesaid items. I’ll also post how and what sort of action items are needed to be created by Security Professionals and Management of organizations to ensure a secure product and service delivery.

Stay Tuned. Viva la Security!

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